July 29, 2013

pebbles and friends in my life

what better to have than fresh fruit with ice creme on a very hot sunday afternoon!

dear friends came over after church and together we sat in the shade of our wonderful chestnut tree. it was hot and the kids could not be moved away from the pool... we didn't mind, how wonderful it was to hear and see them splash and enjoy the water and each other. this even left us grown ups to talk a bit more in depth. and how wonderful it is to share life and it's adventures. listen to the happenings and doings of our friends adventures and meet at crossroads again and again.
we laughed a lot, which is just at it's best when it is about one self

and then we started searching for the perfect pebble...
it sounds silly right now, though we have been playing that game in the past too. any many others in connection with our backyard pebbles. and as you can see, there have some precious one's been found and collections put together. lovely and just plain wonderful to be able to connect with ones surrounding totally and simply.

i love summer, i love life there is so much in it for all of us

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Christina said...

here's what you can do with the perfect pebble:

- safe-lock it (install a camera in the safe, of course - do you really want to put your lamp under the bed?)
- put it on display in a bullet proof magnifying glass cage
- smash it at the perfectly fresh cleaned windows and see what happens (make sure you know where it'll landed!)
- incorporate the ppcc (perfect pebble community center) or something similar
- feed it to the chickens and see what they will make of it - the perfect egg? or perfect waste?
- hide it on Easter instead of the usual Easter Egg Hunt (you've had plenty of this, haven't you?)
- grind the perfect pebble ground chilli chocolate and have me try it
- have some friends come over to discuss further options

- lots of pebbles to you and your family - will you bring some perfect rocks from yout mountain trip?
:-) guess who? whoa!