July 23, 2013

ireland the 2nd

a bit homesick, as we spot the sign pointing toward boston... an other time i'm sure we will be heading across the atlantic. not this year, but the boys are pointing out, that we really need to go back and visit friends...

the tower house at dysert o'dea, well maintained and wonderful pastures with lots of ruins to discover. we packed a little picnic and enjoyed a walk, sitting down at a little brook. it turned out, that we were the only ones going on walks or hikes in this area, well we didn't mind.

the cliffs of moher at county clare.
a must destination for us, but even here, we decided to walk there and do the not touristy spots. it was perfect and absolutely worth it. those cliffs are just breath taking and standing up there alone, looking out into the see...

the evening in the pub, joel making music with one of his heroes. it just so happened and it was plain good to be there in doolin at o'connors

walking on the burren way, it was definitely not ireland at it's most typical weather. never the less a wonderful landscape, impressive rock formation and wonderful to walk out there almost only on our own.
spending a couple nights at the aille river hostel was very nice and super convenient.

a visit to the poulnabrone tomb, this was again in the evening when no tourists where there....
how amazing to be at a place where people have gathered 5 thousand years ago! a wonderful sunset and experiencing the landscape was the best, even after a 28km hike on the burren.
more tomorrow

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