July 10, 2013

cherry picking

not a lot left to say....

i did not post the past two days and i missed posting.... we have guests and i'm very busy with them and keeping the last week of school some how. we are by now all very antsy and ready to start summer brake (in switzerland there is just a 5 week brake, the other 7 weeks are in october/december/february/april).

so here we are, picking cherries, o so wonderful, so delicious and the girls really enjoyed the climbing of the ladders a lot. naomi didn't just eat all her picked cherries but really added a lot to our harvest. there will be one more time of picking either tomorrow or on friday, though for today, the ladders are locked up under the tree.
summer is here and it's one big celebration, it's warm if not to say hot and i  love it. with cherries in my mouth and the smell of hay in my nose, what else do i wish for? no not anything. i'm thankful and so very happy for the moment i life in right now!

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