July 2, 2014

cherries and pie

the cherry tree is dying, at least that's what it seems to me. o dear old cherry tree. it carries a big harvest and we have already picked a lot. we will not be able to pick all of the cherries, too many and the tree is too high to reach. but we will do our best and enjoy all what we can.

it is a good week for us to harvest the sweet fruit. not too much going on besides the every day routine and i love to cook and bake and get the fruit into the freezer. lot's of red little dots are covering my arms and face when i'm pitting the cherries... and looking at me in those moments with all the "freckles" i remember the happy hours of my childhood. my sister and me spent a happy day in the front yard bare chested with just the cherries and the cherry pitter, working hard and enjoying the red freckles all over our bodies. good memories and i do hope i will look back to this cherry season in couple dozen years, with even more happy memories.

and if you wonder how such a cherry pitter looks like, here it is. you put the cherries in the funnel on the right side and each cherry has to be rolling down on its own, the pit is being pushed out and down, as the cherry is pulled up and released through a special hole on top.

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