July 31, 2014

the apple room to be

amos has been moving out of his room for the past two days. he is getting a new room and is excited with all the "new" of it. of course the big action for him, is to sort through all the stuff. in particular all the books and magazines. so he did and sorted out most of the picture books. he is keeping a lot though. enzyclopedias are being moved, not just one but a hand full, most of his english books and of course each and every fiction is moving with him.
thea will be moving in this room and is also super excited to help with the cleaning. by this evening we were ready with cleaning and covering up the window, radiator and door frame as well as the floor. the paint bucket has been in the room since yesterday, when we went to the store and had thea help us to pick the paint for her room.
she was very certain of the "apple 10", no back and forth, even when i gave her one more choice of a soft violet, she had her mind set at that "apple"...

there is still a lot of work, painting being the first one of them, and thea really really wants to help with this, so i will wait until tomorrow afternoon. cleaning up, putting the bed back and going to the second hand store for a book shelf. she has her mind set on all the books, amos doesn't want to take along to his new room. and of course the books which are called her own already. there is not much more space in this room and that's alright with her. it is after all the first time in her life, as she will have her own room! and that one will be painted in apple 10!

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