July 8, 2014

the recycling rafts

lets make things, lets do things together!
we live in community and enjoy having more than one hand full of people living in the same house hold and even more next door. we do enjoy a nice back yard and in the summer months joel and i put up our big pool. of course there is a lot of swimming, jumping, splashing done by our kids but also by other folks who enjoy the water in the heat.
and then there are community evenings, the last time joel organized a little boat building workshop. all recycled stuff, everything was used at least once before it got built into a little raft. most everyone had fun and yes every little swimming raft had a tea light mounted.
because the weather didn't play along, we could not float them after dusk. it was too windy and so instead we all jumped in and had fun.

the floating little tea lights will be tried an other night, and i'm very much looking forward to that night. it will be pretty, for sure.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

What a wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing it!! : )

~ Wendy