July 10, 2014

N's emergency kit

naomi has been invited to a friends birthday party and was pondering what she could bring as a present... first we chose a pretty notebook with a special pencil. a few moments after deciding and more pondering, naomi was very sure that this would not be the right present, as last year she already presented a notebook and pencil. yes i agree even though there are never enough notebooks and pretty pencils in a girls hand! we started to think from scratch. a hand died t-shirt, yarn and needles, a hand painted mug, well nothing which naomi felt like fitting for her friend.
and then almost as lighting would be striking, an emergency kit. and not just any kind, but one which naomi put together and personalized it for her... she loves to roam the woods, wade in creeks and of course beside flint and birch bark, some band aids and a flint there are needles and thread, a razor blade and elastic bands, well i feel like we could send the friend out into the wild with this kit....

and isn't it wonderful to make something for a friend and not just run to the store to buy "something nice". even naomi is super happy and excited with this "make do it yourself".

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