September 24, 2014

of apples and violins

the day has come, this year the apples are falling early and all over the area it's a plentiful harvest, though we didn't get a lot of apples. which was a big surprise to us, we heard so many stories of farmers having a huge harvest and the apple prices dropping. it will yield about 50 liters, which is half of what we had last year and not even a third of what we got three years ago.
over all it was a special afternoon, with lots of sunshine and wonderful music accompanying us.
the girls were not very excited to come along to the trees, they much rather wanted to stay home and play. so my suggestion was, for them, to take their instruments along. they were excited to practice out of doors and it was like a little dream come true, to me. just grab the violins and head out, where ever you go, play and enjoy!

a big thank you to our violin teachers past and present, encouraging me and the girls to make music for life, for the enjoyment to be!

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

This is so wonderful!! What a great way to practice!!! : )

~ Wendy