September 2, 2014

picking italian prunes

what a blessing to know my neighbors friend! my neighbor introduced me to her friend a bit earlier this summer, as the red current bushes were hanging full with berries. i visited her, together with thea and o my goodness, such a harvest. we picked three big buckets and a week later i went back to pick an other three buckets. there is now lots of frozen berries as well as jam and many of the red currents got put into "birchermuesli" and tarts.
and yesterday, the wonderful lady called me up, with the message: "the italian prunes are ripe, please come and get as much as you like"

so today we went, a gorgeous afternoon and a big tree hanging full with fruit. within a few moments we plucked two small crates full and then we got even more of their harvest, as you can see, the cucumber plants are carrying a lot too. thank you my dear misses O, this harvest is a blessing.

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