September 30, 2014

early in the morning

one of those rainy days, they will become more frequent, i'm sure. it's still not cold though, i was too warm in my long sleeve, running this morning, this is good, as i don't mind switching back to short sleeves and no gloves.
it is interesting to me, every year i'm keen to observe the change in nature, when the days get shorter and the mornings get cooler. it's already still dark when we get up and sit around the breakfast table, the candle is a bit of a consolation to me. i don't like glaring "loud" light, when i get up and even less when i sit down with my family for the first meal of the day.
so here we are, it's almost october and fall vacation is upon us in three days! yea, we are all looking forward to switch our schedule a bit back, and we will certainly raise again with the sun, coming next week.

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