September 8, 2014

under construction

finally we are getting work done on our kitchen. i have been waiting for a couple years now and it is so needed. first of all, the wooden corner bench is undergoing restoration. we did debate to make a new one, though that would have been quiet a bit more expensive and it is nice to know, that this bench which has been taken from the cafe-room 20 years ago (now our living room), and we still can use it. there have been decades of people sitting on it and it will be another decade or more, that people will enjoy sitting around the dinner table! the wood will be sanded and oiled and put back together, as well as some parts are going to be added. in order that it will fit better into the kitchen corner where it is going to be partially wall mounted.
the table also will be sanded and oiled and slightly cut smaller on the long sides, as this will help to sit comfortable on the long side, when people are squeezing through behind you, to get into the cooking area.

the floor has been super cold in the winter. it has been classy in regards to the old fashioned tiles and i'm sad to not be able to see them anymore. though we are getting an insulation mat under the pvc tiles (click system). well i surely hope to have a warmer floor this winter. still i love my woolen socks and will wear them regardless...
the finished floor and "new" bench with table will be put up here, as soon as it's all done and we can enjoy it.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!! We just started ripping out our downstairs half bathroom to make way for a larger bathroom with another shower. We're hoping to put our house up for sale in the spring and our realtor gave us a list of improvements we can make with minimal money but maximum return when we sell the house. :) Have a wonderful rest of your week!!

~ Wendy