October 1, 2014

life and expieriencing water paints

since i remember, she has been painting, loving the process of applying color, mostly acrylic, to a big a surface as possible. she loved layering and the strong pigments, like here...
still she loves painting, lately she has been shifting a bit more toward drawing. and she is discovering how she can let steam off by taking to the paints, how she can find calm within herself by picking up a brush. so to no surprise, naomi asked for water paints and the needed brushes. i was able to dig up some materials and even found a few sheets of water painting paper and then i remembered the book i once got at a yard sale, on water painting techniques. nothing really specific, just some basic guidelines. for myself, i never learned the basics of water painting from scratch, just bits and pieces. and i do not master it at all. never mind, let the girl explore the new path, was my take on this all.

she started to take the watering part of the technique very seriously and experimented freely with it. wonderful and just so liberating to watch her do this. leaving through the book and figuring out how to do this and that with water before paints and with white out, using a pencil outline or not, endless options.

at the end she cleaned up, after about 2h of concentrated work in the garden. she commented to me: "mama this was fun, and i feel so much better".
grand just wonderful to see her and experience her growing and finding her ways of coping with life!

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