October 13, 2014

the brown around us

there is brown in brown, lighter and darker shades of plain and fallow colors around me. it's sad and though still enjoyable to me. texture is giving the surrounding more and more it's character. be it the barren branches of the apple trees, an old and very stinging looking thistle at the way side or the plowed and readied field, which is by now already planted again with seeds. i love the change, especially around the fields be it grass or barren soil. the process of harvesting, plowing and sowing is wonderful.
the running helps in all this, i feel much more connected again, since i'm out there at least 3 times a week. not just looking out the window and knowing it's raining, sunny or windy. but being exposed and loving the wind in my face (not so much the rain..), but feeling close to where i belong.

we are headed south on a little family vacation, so much for this week.

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