October 22, 2014

the birds

it really was exciting to experience the big birds at the falconeria of locarno. we didn't even know of this place until we checked in at the campground office last week. just super interesting and such an adventurous presentation of those birds, the whole family was at awe.
elias with the camera in hand (of course not just the little one, but the big honking "car" of a lens), he took many pictures, i just show a few of them here. with so much grace, those birds flew over our heads, just over and over again. the owls cut it super close and almost touched our heads. the vultures are just super big, and cool naked heads they present, wow!

the smallest was the hawk pilgrim, though they were able to show him off in his speedy approach, i have not seen birds of prey, so close and still in such a natural habitat. look at that uhu...

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