October 30, 2014

my fliepie

all of a sudden i just had to pick up the crochet hook and get to work...
i was taken by surprise when i leafed through a "molly makes" magazine. i don't even know which issue it was, as i got it from our local library and they get it in late as it is a german version... (sorry no link to the issue). and lucky me, having some yarn in the bins which fit quiet well. it was a bit thicker as described in the pattern, so my fliepie turned out on the larger side. fine with me. it looks lovely in our back yard, just where it's supposed to be, under the birch trees.

fun to make and a very quick project, i will do some more of this little crochet mushrooms and found a wonderful, inspirational picture.
this much for my doings this week in season autumn season.

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