October 21, 2014

in the valle verzasca

we spent last week in the south of switzerland, camping in a camper, enjoying the wonderful landscape and some warm and sunny weather. yes it was raining a lot on sunday and monday, especially during the nights. and yes it was wonderful to be sure the camper didn't leak. we were able to enjoy the force of nature, the pounding of the big raindrops, the strong winds and thunderstorms. we did go on a long bus ride on monday and enjoyed a great view of many water falls. there were many more as usually seen in the maggia valley, as i sad spectacular.
most of the photos on this post were from the walk in the verzasca valley. on wednesday we took the bus to brione and walked for a good 4hours along the river verzasca. a wonderful path along this wild river and we had to cross some water falls, where usually it's dry, though this past week there was water flowing ankle deep!
lots of adventures, discovering the art along the path was super cool. and parts of the path were a bit more challenging in regards to the terrain, though as it has been late in the season, or i would say after season, we were almost on our own. perfect to see natures carving, as well as human made bridges!

the ponte dei salti da lavertezzo:

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