October 7, 2014

up at "clouds"

for a while now, amos had a standing invitation to naomi. taking her out to bistro clouds in zurich for a chocolate melange.
finally, today was the day to go and he took us along too. thank you amos this was very kind and we all enjoyed it.

what a place, the prime tower in the big city. right there at the train station, and the bistro is up on the 35th floor of the tower. it was a good day to go up there, the view was very nice and clear for an autumn day. not sunny but we did see, far across lake zurich, the glarus alps. and then of course the train station of zurich right underneath, fantastic to watch the trains run in and out it all seemed like a model. not just the view but also the drinks were enjoyed by all and we had fun.
it's october vacation after all and we are enjoying the leisure mornings and different programs in the afternoon. a good start into this week was yesterdays house chores, lots of laundry and some cleaning there will be an other task morning on thursday, as the three younger kids and me are going to pack the veggie-baskets on the farm where we have get our share. and guests for lunch on friday as well as joel is going to play music a chollerhalle on friday and an other pub on saturday night.
yup, lots of exciting things happening this week, including some bulb planting and brush cutting, as the garden has to be cleaned up at some point this fall. but for today, it was all very little tasks, and a lot of yummyness for all.

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