October 29, 2014

digging in

such a lovely late autumn afternoon has to be good for some gardening!
i have not had the time to dig in the bulbs. not that i was in a hurry, much more was i eager to engage the girls in this part of the gardening work.
but it didn't happen, i could not excite them for some digging and planting, they had their own plans. naomi went to the woods with some friends to make a fire. of course such things are much more exciting and i love it, when she is feeling all up for adventurous projects out of the house. and of course, thea was not into it either, her friends have been at the child care center just behind our house. they are all her best friends. when she is riding her bike at the paved gym grounds, where the big kids play basket ball in the evenings, they cheer for her and also invite her to play on their side of the fence in the sand pit. it's fun to watch them. as sometimes thea is standing at the fence for hours and is observing them. i'm not sure anymore who is in the better position, the kids behind the fence taken care of by educated child care workers or thea on her own, clinging to the fence to be close to them, but has the freedom to leave when ever she wants....

so instead of being helped by the girls, i made friends with a wonderfully big earthen friend. and yes i told it how much i do appreciate the work it does for the soil and so for me too.

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