October 2, 2014

my rosehip wreath

last year i had to trim my bushy rose in the garden. this year, it wasn't needed that much, so there was not enough  material to bind a wreath. i was pondering this for a while, as it turned out so nice last year, and i just figured i would not want to be without the pretty red rose hips this year either.
what to do...
there is me, running in the woods three times a week and of course i keep my eyes open, while doing so. of course i have seen the big entangled wild roses. while they blooming, and for the past weeks the color has come out very strong and i love this red. it's all over the place at this time of year. maybe it's for the red that i love autumn...
so this afternoon, i ventured out there to the hedge, a bit out of town, though not far. scissors and gardening cloves in my little pouch, as i wanted to be "armed" for the pulling and cutting. it was not too hard, a few scrapes and some bleeding, but that almost has to happen, when working with roses, doesn't it.

and a moment later, the entrance to the house has a new face, the autumn face, i'm happy with the look.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Absolutely beautiful!! So delicate and wonderful. I hope you're having a happy weekend!! :)

~ Wendy