October 9, 2014

packing the veggie baskets

the three younger kids and i went to talheim to the farm where we get our weekly vegetable basket from. though for right now, the farm is not producing much, the coop buys from local farmers and a hand full of volunteers a packing the basket each thursday morning. it's a great way to get the kids involved, if not in verggiegardening, then at least in packing and knowing where our meals come from.
we had a lovely morning, a nice instructor helping us along, as we packed over 120 baskets. butternut squash, red bell peppers, chilli, italian lettuce, potatoes, onions, kale and sweet corn. an extravagant basket it is this week, there is so much and i'm looking forward to soup and casseroles!

of course a quick brake with some home made mint-lemon tea was a great treat. thank you to the kitchen of the "holzlabor".

and yes those wonderful free ranging mangalitsa pigs (on the second photo, taken by naomi), they belong to the farm too and everyone loves them. it was super exciting to watch them enjoy the digging and running in their pasture. such a wholesome place to take the kids for work and enjoyment.

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