October 27, 2014

the last

it is late autumn, morning fog and moist air are the dominant features as i start my days.
after an early rise, a big hubub in the kitchen. before seven our family is sitting around the table for a healthy and nutritious breakfast, as well as to feed our souls. the daily bible readings are such natural and and nourishing start into everyone's day. as well as asking for god's blessings to be with everyone. o i'm grounded and strengthened by the short prayers our younger ones are saying.

right now we read through proverbs, sometimes a bit of a challenge. oh my all the verses talking about the sluggard and the folly. though of course then there are the sweet as honey verses and in all of them is so much truth and wisdom. it's a blessing and we often have discussions about particular situations in our own lives.
it will take us one or two more weeks to finish up this book, so i feel like i can also say "the last" verses are approaching... as out of doors, the last berries are calling out to the birds and squirrels!

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