October 6, 2014


we ventured out, up above the city, a bit further as i usually know my ways. not far though, and a lush spot which our friends visit frequently. wonderful evening sun, great view for an october day which started out with autumn fog. it was after 3pm when it cleared out, though then it turned out to be a gorgeous evening! mother nature put on her best evening robe...
as the kids had lots of fun rolling down the hillside, we parents had a blast watching them. for certain there is not much which can top this. sitting in the sunshine, getting a fire going, playing with what ever is right in front of one and doing so with good friends.
of course not just rolling down the hill, but making smoke signals and other experiments with a camp fire. eating pumpkin soup and grilling sausages. savoring a good aged french cheese which our friend was bringing home from his hiking trip in the french alps. we call this weekending!

thank you b's we enjoyed the place and you all very much!

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