October 20, 2014

my day

after a week away and a long day at the stoparmut-umwelt conference, i was so happy to just sit in our garden and celebrate with everyone showing up. first my parents, and of course that was exciting, as they have been in brazil, working at a childrens home for the past two weeks. and my mom's birthday was mid week too. so lots to celebrate and talk and laugh and just be together.
a funny thing happen, it was my "turquoise birthday"! i was given a wonderful turquoise book "eine geschichte der welt in 100 objekten". naomi was sewing a quilty little place mat. all on her own, and a wonderful color combination! a wonderfully soft knit cotton hand towel and then a birthday card with a turquoise bicycle on it! thank you to my girlfriends, who care for me and my family just being there to celebrate. oh, how do i love company and some yummy meal, dessert or what ever else!

and you know what, that was not the end, late night, there came a couple friends over to share their time with me. thank you taking the moment and stopping by my kitchen.


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Such a wonderful day with family and friends!! You couldn't ask for anything more!! Welcome back!! : )

~ Wendy

Lyssa said...

I've never heard of a "turquoise" birthday! Very beautiful pictures : )