May 4, 2015

in bloom

there is more in bloom every day. even as we had a lot of rain the past couple days, all the different shrubs around the house are not stopping with their spring bloom. it is just so beautiful, as i step outside, there is more and more and different blossoms to see and smell and enjoy.
today it's the hawthorn and we do have a handful of those shrubs around the house.
as i was out running the past few days there was also a lot of blackthorn, which is super pretty with all its little flower pedals but no green leafs yet, though those are not right out front, that's why a photo is lacking. (too much hassle having to carry the camera out into the wild...)

the lilacs re soon in full bloom, i know it's nothing compare to the arnold arboretum in jamaica plain, but we have a few bushes in the neighborhood, and that has to be good for me. we enjoyed it every year while in living in jp, please if you have an opportunity go and take it all in, just not on lilac sunday, as it usually is very crowded.

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