May 14, 2015

the rope adventure

there has been a bit of an adventure with rope and paint and the sewing machine. well we had lots of fun, after i discovered our old laundry line rope, which we used back when we lived in boston. i remember well, that i just couldn't move this one. it has been with me since we dried cloth diapers behind the house at greenstreet. though i didn't use it anymore in switzerland, as we have that great 'stewi', which is so much more space efficient.
so then, when i saw amanda's post about the laundry rope bowls and baskets, i quickly ha to take out the old rope and quickly look up gemma'y video about the sewing...
and now two days later, we have not anymore an old rope in the closet but two cool hats on boys heads, or better said, wonderfully cool baskets.

it was fun, it was messy, it was a great adventure for thea and me, and everyone got a chuckle out of those two big ones...

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