May 27, 2015

on the table!

the weekend at my parents place was very quiet and just super relaxing. at least for me, joel was fighting his allergies as well as a nasty cough. it was a long weekend over pentecost and unexpected nice weather. we went for a longer walk and enjoyed the wonderful early summer flowers, of course we had to pluck a good size bouquet and put it on the table. there is something very unique about those wildflower bouquets, which i just can't find in a store bought or even an exotic nicely arranged flower bouquet from the florist. of course i love those too and am thrilled when ever i get flowers, but the flowers and grasses plucked from the meadows or the side of the path, well it's a gift we have been given, and i will enjoy it as much as i can.

there wonderful food on the table, great drink. it's a local micro brew 'barfuss brauerei', and we love it! that couple is really good at brewing, each bottle has it's own number and such a cool logo, it's crafted in small batches, well i could go on and on...
but there was one more thing on the table before and after meals, my hexagon quilt. it's just about the size i like and so i had to figure out where to add a few more hexies. i did it but still don't know what kind of back i will put to it and then quilt and finish it's edges... lot's of questions, more than i ever had about this project.

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