May 12, 2015

may weather and chickens

 we have such wonderful weather for this time of year, yes we are getting spoiled by the month of may. i'm aware hat today is the first 'eisheililge', saint pankrats. as it is a folklore rule that the second week of may is going to be cold, one should expect a cold snap.
it doesn't look like a cold snap this year. we are in the second week of may and the forecast is telling us record temperatures! day time highs in the eighties! it's hard to believe, but i love it. just perfect to sit in the garden even with a light breeze and stitch a bit on my prject.
the flowers already need to be watered and the tomato plants love this kind of weather. even the chickens seem to enjoy their sun baths, stretching out on the lawn in the mid afternoon.

our new barnefelder ladies have gotten used to their home. the found the places they can find ants. they are very different in character, two of them are shy and the other two are curious and trusty. this is wonderful for out kids as well as me. i just love to pick trudie up and gently pet her. i don't know if chickens like to be petted.... anyone knows about this?
at least she doesn't seem to mind it too much.

and they lay eggs, o we are getting so spoiled now, at least three eggs a day from the four ladies! there are omelets, scrambled eggs and 'fotzelschnitten' which are loved by all.

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