May 6, 2015

up :: down

up and down it is today. lots of rain in the morning and that was perfectly fine with me, as i planted the flower boxes and hung them up onto the balcony railing. every year when i'm planting in spring, i'm so excited to enjoy the full boxes a couple weeks later. the fun part for me is, that i'm just planting, someone else in the community has gone shopping. i really like this, as it is a collaboration of friends working to beautify the habitat. i know this sounds cheese and it even is, but i'm so very glad not having to go out and do the shopping. getting the plants into the box and the hands all full with soil is the fun for me.
as for now, the boxes still look a bit scars but not long and the boxes are not seen anymore, instead the flowers are taking over.

an other of my ups here down on the ground are the basil and tomato plants, which have grown under my own watch. i'm really liking the plants and rarely forget the watering. since two days they are now outside as it has gone a lot warmer. it's nice and warm not just during the daytimes but also at night.
i still have to figure out where i will put all the tomato plants.... (there is just about a 3rd of the tomato plants in the picture) green zebras and cherry... time will tell and maybe i have to get some boxes from the second hand shop or so.

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