October 1, 2015

big scarf #III

and so it happened, i wanted to buy one more skein for the big scarf #II, but there was not one left at the wool store. it's now all unraveled and i will have to knit it all over, just 18 stitches wide, instead of the 22stitches and that will help me to get about 3 inches more and this will be long enough for a loop.
as i was in the store, i just couldn't walk out without some more wool in my bag.

here we go, a wonderful savanne XL. i wanted to the some baby alpaca as i did for big scarf #I, but there was not anything close to a warm mustard yellow available. so i went with this brushed XL kind of wool, adding a debby bliss angel (baby kid mohair & silk). so far elias' liked the color a lot and i guess that's almost all i need to know. as i'm sure he will like the #15 needle patent knitting...
it will be my vacation knitting for some long bus rides.

your read correctly, my vacation knitting. we are gone for the next few days. a few hours south to enjoy some sun and water in warmer areas of europe! we are all very much looking forward to go and enjoy and be gone for a while. bus ride and all, camping and swimming, the weather forecast sounds good, as soon as saturday has passed.

see you back here, later in october.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Have a wonderful holiday!! I love the color of your wool. Yellow is the "in" color for fall and I've been seeing it everywhere. It definitely doesn't work with my pale skin!! : )

~ Wendy xo