October 26, 2015

smoky fire :: convession

i wasn't there...
it's what joel brought me home, after yesterdays "let's make a smoke fire in the forest!", so the photos are all by joel and he deserves the credit!

it has been elias, after coming home from church lunch, he really wanted to go out to make a fire. it was a gorgeous day, perfect for a little stroll into the woods. though when they started talking about a smoky fire, i kind off didn't want to smell all of that. and there is a confession, i don't like to smoke out other people, i'm embarrassed and usually tell the kids, to please stop. no more smoke, not so large and high and to tell the truth, i wanted to go along, but they didn't want me along, exactly because of that....

i don't blame them and yes they had a wonderful time.
amos and i discovered a for us new game "phase 10", it's kind of an old game, but new to us, and it seems like one we will be playing into winter this year!

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