October 29, 2015

two kinds

as of late i have been baking a lot of pies, mostly apple, but as you also learned two days ago, a quince pie...
of course there are ample recipes and ideas and "just make it" out there, and i think that's wonderful. my kids though, they compare them all. this one has more sugar in it, for that one you used honey not sugar. the one from grandma is sweeter and has a richer filling. and they have learned a lot, as they are able to distinguish between ground almonds and ground hazelnuts...
i'm glad they don't mind the unpredictability of my baking. i love the freedom to change and go with my ideas, where ever they lead me.

it's deep autumn, here in switzerland, the leafs are falling and the air is cool in the morning, it warms up when the sun brakes through mid afternoon. and then i love to sit on the bench and just take it all in. i guess i still like autumn, and the scents and smells in the air are very different and intense, that's what i love, the richness of the moist soil the leafs turning into hummus, the cycle of life moving forward.

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