November 4, 2015

autumn in the air

 it's all autumn and i love it. around our house there has been such a pleasant light this afternoon, as it was yesterday too and hopefully tomorrow will be.
there was lot's going on the past two weeks, a bit too much if you ask me. we have had so many meetings and dates to keep, i almost forgot that i love this third season of the year!

but now i'm home again and settled with my morning run, a cup of tea and on some days even coffee mid morning. the hat is finished for thea, she had very clear ideas of how it should look, her winter hat, with "ears" and tassels... new yarn arrived new projects will be cast on this week and i'm very much looking forward to do so, there is some silk-merino going on my needles next...

and then the chickens, they are lovely two different kinds of barnefelder, we are glad our coop is inhabited once more, after the fox got all our hens this summer. it was a sad moment to discover the emptyness and it took a bit of time to get over it. but here we are at last, the new hens will start laying in a couple months and i love to go out and enjoy the sight of them.

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