November 11, 2015

leafs and cheese

leaf raking in the garden.... it was a bit hard to get her out and to work in the garden, but she did finally go and absolutely enjoyed her work. our neighbor also showed up and lent her a hand. we have wonderful neighbors and the kids like them too, as they like the kids. so helping each other has been a given, they mostly mowed our little lawn when theirs has been cut and we put the big pool up in their yard for all of us to share in the fun of swimming.
there are still a few zinnia in bloom and i love them, such bright and clear colors, next to all the brown and dark yellow of the fallen leafs.

and then, a couple days ago, the alp-cheese arrived in the mail. i ordered  it in september, directly from the farmer up there in the mountains of uri, the place is called alplen. we have not been there, but that might be going there next summer, just so for a hike to explore where our cheese has been produced! it's a wonderfully delicious alp cheese, we can tell, the cows have enjoyed a pasture with lots of herbs and strong grasses.... :)

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