November 25, 2015

the highly addictive work

there has been wool in our lifes!
my mother got the wool from two big sheep of a friend of hers, fleece from this summer. and just a day before we visited last, she washed and sorted those two fleece and they were lade out for drying, on a big bed sheet. we worked through them a few times a day. it is wonderful work, my hands loved it and the kids went to work too. i have to say my parents, together with a friend, did a superb job in washing and sorting.

there is a bit of a jump now, as i took a big bag of the raw uncombed wool home. knowing, that my sister in law has a drum carder, i stopped by her house this afternoon and she let me borrow the "wundermaschine", yes it is a wonder tool the "hero" from woolmakers.
we could not wait longer, but had to put the carder to work right after dinner. i started out on my own, but it didn't take long for naomi to join me. such wonderful work, feeding the fleece into the hero and having the roving come from the big drum. it's addictive, i will go back to do some more carding as soon as i'm done reporting to you...

not knowing yet, what will happen to the roving, but loving to keep work through the first big ball of fleece is what i will keep doing tonight!
see you then...

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