November 16, 2015

the calendar writes :: november

mid november it is and it's warm as in early october if not to think of september...
it has been way too warm the past two weeks. flowers still in bloom and i just ate an other two figs from our tree. the leafs have fallen, as it has been very dry all of autumn. nature is suffering and i try to keep up with watering around the house, remember it's november!

and then the evenings have come in earlier after the time change and tea times have become more common in late afternoons. also over the weekend at my parents, sitting, knitting, chatting and enjoying the comfort of a cup of hot tea.
thea's birthday was celebrated more than once and she loved it. very aware to be a seven year old, wonderful to observe and see how much she enjoys all the attention she could get. everyone had to wish her well and do so clearly, not just "me too"... she didn't let anyone come near her, until he or she wished her well for her birthday. i was not anymore aware, that seven year olds love that special birthday and live it so fully!
it's wonderful and teaches me once ore, that i should also enjoy those days, the "me birthday!" or then call for a loud "bicycle-pump!"

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