November 27, 2015


it is as november has to be, gray and cold. not really winter yet, but not autumn anymore. lots of gray, lots of still and i even enjoy it. as our autumn has been warm and bright with sunshine. full of activity and even a vacation to tuscany, i really do appreciate the gray and somewhat lonely moments of this past week, i even hope for more of it.
soups are stewing on my stove, candles are lit and a bit more time to knit is on my hand. the woolen shawls and sweaters, hats and mittens are out and already being worn. and then when i was out running this morning, i discovered those bare bushes with the wonderfully white glowing fruit-balls. i had to bring some home and put them on our kitchen table. that's how my november days feel like.

no more words this is enough, i think, i am loving november!

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I love that we're heading into the hibernating months. Candles and blankets and, once the chimney is looked at, we will be lighting fires in our new fireplace. I just love this time of the year right along with you. Have a beautiful weekend. xo

~ Wendy