November 17, 2015

what we love to do

it has been for a long time now, that i knit and joel plays the flute. and sometimes we even get the chance to do it at the same time in the same space.
we have been doing so here and there,
and so we did in the past days, it is wonderful to knit on a shawl (maybe for me, maybe i find some one to pass it on to) and the mohair is such a wonderful material to knit, it's going to be a cicely and i found the pattern in the taproot issue #15. i have been knitting super bulky wool lately and so i love the change to a more regular kind of wool, with just a US #8.

i also have started baking bread again, about twice a week and the first batch of christmas cookies is ready to be packed into 60 little bags for sale at the our churches advents-sale event. i'm really excited, as a friend also helped baking and delivered a few boxes of very yummy looking cookies and so we will be able to have 7 kinds of cookies in those bagies. i will tell you more after the sale and if you want to come and get some wonderful cookies, on wednesday the 25th at KGH Seen.....

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