November 9, 2015

in the woods

going out into the woods has become a regular, though not frequent event, with our friends. we wanted to go next weekend, but could just not wait any longer and already went out there together yesterday. it was the perfect afternoon for short sleeves and an ax. running and playing in the fallen leafs was one of the favorite past times, even for our teenagers!
and i was so happy, observing, that it really doesn't matter what age one is, the autumn woods are perfect for all of us!

 we carried along lots of yummy foods, even a bottle of wine (from my parents vineyard)...
marinated pork, little and bigger sausages, bread and pita, apples and of course potatoes. the once who complained to loudest about not wanting to eat roasted potatoes, even liked them, topped with sour creme.
dessert was made and served in the dark. lots of marshmallows roasted and devoured as smores!
well, it was an other very good weekend with lots of time spent out of doors. which i didn't expect for november. once more, i really really do count my blessings and am glad.

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