November 30, 2015

the christmas cookies...

i have been preparing last week. the wish to bake christmas cookies, has been in everyones head, some even voiced it out loud. not to my surprise, the boys were keen on getting to work on sunday afternoon. i had the dough prepared for four kinds of cookies and so we went to work.

the aprons tied around our waist and clean hands was a must. i was impressed how well they know to get set up and started. it is not chaotic anymore and the different tasks are quickly piked up by each of them. the music was on, our favorite cookie baking "band" piffaro.
the candle is lit and lot's of adventsspirit and joy floating in our kitchen. even joel was coming over, as he is working on putting together a list of tunes and songs for a gig he is playing with a friend who plays the guitar. it's the adventsbus the two of them will be making music on december 9th 17:00/17:45/18:30.

so for now, we have gewürz-igeli (spicy balls with almonds), sandele (with sandel wood pouwder, a cool color....), and what you don't see, the basler brunsli a chocolate cookie, and orangen-schnittli (a three layer cookie with ground almond and orange zest.

there are now two more doughs ready to be made into cookies, the anis-chräbeli (anis-bred though different shape) and gingerbread, which will be rolled and filled with almond paste.

i love the advents season and all the work, scents and tradition it brings along. the first candle of advent has been lit yesterday, the candle of hope and that i do. i pray for and hold onto, as i think of the people fleeing their home countries and being on the road or on the sea with only the hope. my prayers are especially with those. and some moments are strange, as i have all i need and even plenty more, how can i share, pass on to those people? there is the obvious, at least my money i can share easy, there are lot's of charities out there who do much needed work.

and then there is a new refugee center being opened soon in our neighborhood, with 80-100 young men given shelter, food and assistance to file their paper work. we will see, it's getting real now and i do hope we don't just talk but also do what needs to be done.

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