November 12, 2015

the 7th

thea turned seven today!
and i remember her birth very vividly, it was at home, with the whole community waiting for "the child" to be born. and nobody expected, the least me, for her to be born at home in a jiffy. it was all so quick, i remember going to the store for a regular shopping trip in the late afternoon. coming home and cooking split pea soup (amos' favorite), taking a bath, sipping tea and before i could think, there she was. all happily and healthy.

and so we still enjoy her each day. there are harder moments, like the fact, that she is not a morning person and lets us know of this fact frequently. though a sunny spirit overall and full of energy and creativity and joy.
we had a full day, starting the celebration with family breakfast. taking a big bag of apples along to school for all her friends and teacher. (this one was interesting, as usually the kids bring a cake or chocolate muffins, you get the hang.... :) but we decided, that her best friend really likes apples and so it is fine, even if not all the kids will take one (brought home just a hand full). for lunch the grandparents came over and after school two of our friends stopped by (thank you c and r). of course the candles had to be lit at every celebration moment. and she was blessed with many well wishes and creative gifts. best of all her brother gave her some little type of dart with capsules to bust and make noise..... that one had to be seen by each and every guest, of course mama is just smiling and keeping her mouth shot.

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