October 21, 2015

tho be still

some days there is the wrong lens mounted on my camera, as i grabbed it, it already dawned on me, but i just didn't feel like switching. it was too heavy to short, without looking at what my hands were holding, i knew it.
there are many things going on in and around our house, too much! there is really so much going on in the garden as well as in all the other corners of my life. i didn't want to change the lens too. life is full too the brim, nothing absolutely overwhelming but full. it seems like the to do list is unending. often it is long and could grow beyond the sheet of paper it is written on, but right now it has many touching subjects and a few really implicit ones. some of them have to be done rather soon. maybe should have been taken care off yesterday!
and of course then there are people needing to talk and relationships to be tended, all a good and enjoyable part of my daily being.

though sometimes i need a bit of a stop, a moment of chill and nothing, maybe just still.
and that was last night, in the middle of our community evening with dinner and games and people, i took the liberty to go out in the garden and cook the bananas. yup, just be on my own with the fire, a good thing and a moment of still.

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