October 27, 2015

quince :: turned out yummy

we were at our veggie farm and one f the jobs joel did, was to harvest all the quince. a lot, as you can see and it was a great joy to get all those fruit down from the tree.
it must be a quince year, this year...
we also got a big crate of quince fruit already, a couple weeks back, from a friend. i was able to bring all those fruit to my parents and they cleaned the fruit (those yellow pear shaped fruits are covered with some kind of hair or more like dust sticking to the skin). then the fruit has to be cut in small pieces and cooked. the cutting is the hardest job, as the fruit is super hard, i know people they do this part with an ax. for my part, i needed to cut just about 5lbs and that was quickly done with my good kitchen knife.
a long boiling is the next step, i used the pressure cooker and forgot for how long i left the cut quince boil, it must have been an hour or so. while cooking the color changes, no more pretty yellow, but a deep orange. so far so good, the juice as well as the fruit itself doesn't have a lot of taste but a strong flavor is in the air!

the next step is: pureeing...
then pushing the puree through a fine mesh sieve, as the quince has stone like particles in the fruit flesh, which one doesn't want in the food. i mixed brown sugar into the fruit puree and added some vanilla. all started to taste now much better and very distinctly like quince. (maybe you have tasted some quince fruit leather.... it is super yummy).
i pre baked a pie shell and filled a good amount (1/4") of quince puree into the shell. the fruit filling was topped with a mixture of heavy creme sugar and egg. and then baked again for about 20 minutes. all of this was done improvised, as i just couldn't find a recipe. not even some farmers baking or cooking book was able to give me a hint. so i used the idea of "schlorziflade" and translated it into something, which felt, it should work.

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