October 22, 2015

fall in the house

at the beginning of the week, i collected a big hand full of fall leafs, while running in the morning. i wanted to catch a bit of the beautiful colors as the leafs change. i frequently collected leafs in the past years, all kinds of little projects, sewing, stringing or what ever was on my mind. this year i wanted to try something new to me. waxing

i was not able to get the leafs dipped right away, so thy sat in a corner with a few books on top, to keep them from crumbling and folding up. yesterday was the moment, thea had the afternoon off and wanted to make something. how perfect the timing. i still had some old wax in one of my cupboards, it was not bees wax, but just some off white left over wax. though this was working fine, a big tin in a hot water bath and all the wax melted quickly.
thea loved the dipping, and found some pretty silk to tie the leafs onto. the hanging was quickly done, our big windows lend themselves for such decoration.

and when the sun is out, the colored leafs look even prettier!

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