April 24, 2017

a lush afternoon

it was weekend, and after a super busy week, including saturday (kids camp all day, every day) i was more than happy to take it easy and not do anything on sunday  afternoon.
we rested, reading, sitting, chatting, enjoying the bright and warm spring rays. it was not hot at all, it was just warm enough to find a wind still spot to sun bathe.

the time was right to read and look at that luther comic, i liked it. as we call it the "luther year", or "500 years of reformation", there are a few historic novels and that kind of books on my desk. i also checked out this comic, which i hope, the kids will read and learn a snippet of history while enjoying it.
i have been reading this one and liked it a lot.

i'm in spring mode, wanting to plant, clean windows, hang laundry and so many more things....
and still, there will be cold nights, i have to be patient, wait with the flower boxes for one more week. the plants are in the garage, the planting has to wait just moment longer.

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