April 18, 2017

weekending over easter

the easter weekend was full and exciting, as we enjoyed a roth family gathering near wangs. a lower mountain range, high above the rhine valley. snow was close and some of us hiked through the last remaining snow fields. it was also snowing on sunday evening, enough to accumulate for a white dusting. the weather was good enough in the morning, for an easter fire and singing around it. and the kids enjoyed the egg roll out of doors.
braking the fast with meat, cheese and some wonderful jams (never mind the nutella on the picture... ) and of course a good way to celebrate, besides the halleluja singing is the "eiertütschis". everyone gets a cooked and decorated egg, and each round two "tütsch" their eggs against each others. (tütschen means as mutch as "hit" my egg against an others egg) the winner is the one, who's egg is the strongest and brakes the last.... it's an easter tradition, no idea where it comes from and what it means.

crafting, hiking, talking, singing, playing games and listening to my mother in laws childhood stories was making up the four days. thank you to all, who made it possible and yes i married into a very active and lively family, never tired to tell stories or eat a yummy dessert together. this sounds a bit funny, thinking about it. as i married joel over 20 years ago and the family has expanded and makes up over 20 people, what a blessing.

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