April 10, 2017

in the garden

we spent a lot of time out in the garden over the weekend. not really carrying the camera all the time, but at some point i got a hold of it.
so much light blue, i was surprised as i looked through the lens. there is definitely a change of color, a change of seeing and feeling, when looking so focused and intentional at the world.

it has been good, to soak it all up, the sunshine and warmth, i'm so in need of it all. the days have been and will be for this week too, very full and the list of "to do's" is growing longer by the hour. and still i have two full days of school on my schedule. even tough it's a short week, as we just started into holy week, the workweek ends on maundy thursday at 4pm, and that's just about when we will heading out for the longish easter brake, including easter monday as well. yes it's supposedly time off, but as for right now it stresses me out, we have to organize and pack and be ready to jump on the train or some of us on the bike (for a 100km ride......) to join with the roth clan for a wonderful joyous time together. i'm still a bit hesitant, as there is a lot to prepare and i'm not ready at all. but it will happen, the days will pass and my list will be worked down by thursday later afternoon.

and it will be a bit of a crunch and stress to hop on the train, but we will make it and then forget all there was. i know, we will be fine and enjoy the wonderful company of extended family. and all this in the mountains, away from the usually city life!

sounds good, doesn't it.

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