April 4, 2017

life in spring

spring is in full swing and it's delightful.
it is uplifting and makes me wanting to clean windows! yup, i have to find some moments to start that window project on friday, maybe while watching two kids play in the garden. that would seem a fitting "two flies with one slap" (zwei fliegen auf einen schlag). until then there is really no moment i can spare, school, german conversation class and tutoring a 5th grader, getting the reading asignement over with it. i should also start with that paper, due at the beginning of may. an appointment with thea on friday morning.
and then there are two choir rehearsals this week, as we sing bach's johannes passion on palm sunday. ups and i almost forgot thursday nights movie "taste the waste" which i helped to organize. i kind of wanted to skip that one, but feel like i can't let the other two organizers on their own....
it's all good and i love life!

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