April 3, 2017

it's about time

 for one or another reason, i totally forgot to plant the tomato seeds, as well as some others including flowers, into the soil by mid march. that's what we usually do. a strong sign, that i have too much on my plate. or rather said, that's what is at stake, taking classes. being back in school for one or even two days a week is taking it's toll.

so today, the first monday of this month has to be called seeding day!
thea and her friend got the seeding soil into the tray and we put the seeds of some heirloom tomatoes they are part of the "arche noah" project. as well as swiss chard and a few marigolds into the box. a good watering and then up there into the warm living room, with lots of sunshine. it will not take long for germination, but i can hardly wait.

it is really warm and spring has arrived a couple weeks back. it had been a steady mid forties during the days and some nights have been almost as warm. a bit too warm for early spring. but you know what, i don't mind it at all, never mind the winter weather in the boston area..... i can absolutely do without right now.

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