October 23, 2017

burgers are special

we are not a family, eating burgers regularely. it's about once or twice a year, when the time is just right and all the ingredients are in the house as the idea gets stewed, of grilling burgers...
and so it was this past weekend. just right and everything needed in the house.
joel in the spirit of making a fire for grilling and fresh juicy tomatoes on the window sill, waiting to be enjoyed, some lettuce and lots of different sauces to choose from. even spicy sauteed peppers were on hand and then for the ones of us who really like a warm side dish, there was "kraut" i made it from blue cabagge with a bit of cider, so it was not soure at all.
it might have been one of the last opportunities this autumn to sit outside for dinner, not yet in the dark and still without having to wrap up in a warm woolen sweater. that kind of weather has approached today and yes i would not want to sit outside tonight, in a drizzle and the dark cool air...

i had my "joel assembled" lens on the camera body, and yes really love the result.
Canon Lens FL 55mm 1:12 (with selfmade paper rim)

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