October 24, 2017

the toothbrush

the toothbrush is not really new in the city's "graben". it is a very nice area of the old city center and absolutely inviting to play around and hang out.
we have been there and enjoyed the "park" a lot, especially the by gone aera of "holidi"...
lots of climbing by all the kids and discussions about this giant wooden man lying on the ground. since almost 4 years now we have a replacement sculpture, the "toothbrush". that is what we all call this new hide and seek place.

today thea and i walked the area and of course we needed to stop and enjoy the fun "toothbrush". thea loves it and she really doesn't even need me to have fun! walking through, peaking out to the left and then again to the right, or all through the middle. being seen or rather not seen, seems plain fun enough for her.
we both love sculptures with "a purpos", by that i mean to say, sculputers to use and climb and hid within or above, underneath or behind. places and objects to implement easely into the imaginary play of kids (or grown ups also....)
thank you, dear city of winterthur, to create such fun places, we love thee!

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Alicia said...

Wow, this is where the man used to be? We remember him! The toothbrush looks like fun, too. What whimsy!